I cannot remember the precise moment that I added Snowdonia to my Wanderlist but I was so super pleased that this year I got to tick off not just one (Brazil see previous post) but two places! So it all began as all epic trips do with a ROADTRIP from London town to Snowdonia, Wales. … More Snowdonia

A ‘Vulgar’ Night at the Barbican

Vulgar – lacking sophistication or good taste (Oxford Dictionary) Origin:  Late Middle English, from Latin vulgaris, from vulgus – common people. When my friend Zaena (fashion blogger at The Last Straggler) invited me along to the Barbican Centre I was all game.  I had never been to the Barbican before (typical Londoner I know) so I was … More A ‘Vulgar’ Night at the Barbican

Brazil vs. Argentina

There is a rivalry unspoken of in the travel world that is greater than that seen between Argentina and Brazil in football causing many centuries of debate…. Which side is it best to view the Iguazu Falls from? To investigate I went to both sides!  Lets see what my verdict was…. Brazil I started off … More Brazil vs. Argentina

The Easter Message

Every year on Good Friday, Wintershall Charitable Trust perform the open air play, The Passion of Jesus in London Trafalgar Square, telling the Easter story of Jesus’ last days, his crucifixion and his resurrection. I have wanted to go see this for a number of years but usually I have been away on holiday or … More The Easter Message


No one mourns the Wicked. The irony is everyone is mourned by someone, even ‘The Wicked!’ When asked by my friend if I wanted to see this earlier in the year, despite having already seen it many years ago, my response was a resounding yes! I had enjoyed it so much the first time, read … More Wicked