Afropunk London 2017

AFROPUNK – a term used to describe someone of African American descent who prescribes to a counter-culture asthetic. Urban dictionary definition I attended Afropunk London held at The Printworks in Surrey Quays in July, thanks to my good friend Seph, who was able to get VIP tickets for the gang for the Saturday.  I had … More Afropunk London 2017

A Pharmacist on Pusher’s Street – a visit to Christiania, Copenhagen

Christiania – call it a ‘social experiment’, a self governing state, a hippie’s paradise, whatever; I just knew as soon as I read about it on Jollies and Jaunts blog that I needed to 1) pay a visit to it as a pharmacist and 2) dedicate a whole post to it. My brother and I … More A Pharmacist on Pusher’s Street – a visit to Christiania, Copenhagen

Border Crossings

Hello all!! Happy February! So I was inspired to look back over my various border crossings of my past travels and do a blog post about it as I got talking to a girl on my Instagram and we swapped stories of border control and this new era of ‘taking back control.’ (re: Brexit, Trump) … More Border Crossings

The City of Bath

How can one tell if one is from North England or South England? It is all from how you pronounce Bath, the correct way obviously being us Northerners (my Northern accent wins over my Southern London born birth!) I have always wanted to visit Bath, ever since it was referenced as this magical place of … More The City of Bath